ASTassistant Downloads
Latest Release - Windows

ASTassistant-Linux.tar.gz Linux
in order to run the binary in Linux you must have:
GTK+ 2.0 (or higher)
glibc-2.3 (or higher)
CUPS (Common UNIX Printing System) (NOT


Latest Beta - (Win) - 7/30/2009

7/30/2009 - changed the way that the ASTassistant.dat file is saved and read
7/30/2009 - Added ability to att ##CALLERIDNAME## in url calls

5/15/2009 - Contact list now automatic sort by name
5/15/2009 - If ASTassistant can't find the Asterisk server ittry again in 30 seconds
5/15/2009 - Changed threading back to normal - Less CPU power needed
5/11/2009 - Fixed Outgoing call column Sort (date/time)
5/11/2009 - Fixed Incoming call column Sort (date/time)
5/10/2009 - Fixed Show Only Channels to show both ends of the call in Channels area
5/10/2009 - Placed an Icon on the pop-up screen to launch ASTassistant if in system tray
5/9/2009 - Added monitor options to the multi-line presence
5/9/2009 - Voicemail counter / Icon Display fixed
5/8/2009 - Added ability to only show certain extensions

Updated the way that the call log gets written to. No more duplicate times
Call forward settings now writing to database properly
Double 'click to dial' on call log now works

Do something after the recording:
You now have the ability to call a web page after the recording. You can use the variables of ##FILENAME##, ##CALLERID##, ##DESCRIPTION##. This could be used for calling a .php file to update a database. The URL will NOT show in the screen. Go to Options and set the config.

You now have the option to: LISTEN, WHISPER. And you can BARGE in on a ZAP call.
Zap Channels and Extensions can now be hidden

4/15/2009 - Fixed contact update errors
4/14/2009 - Fixed contact list sort after search
4/14/2009 - Added Exit option to systray icon
4/14/2009 - Fixed chat not to show action/dcc commands
4/14/2009 - Increased number of threads for faster processing
4/14/2009 - Gave more priority to threads
4/14/2009 - Split code in order to read the Asterisks Events and Non-Events faster
4/14/2009 - Fixed double click to call contact
4/14/2009 - Added ability to dial via SIP URL as a result ASTassistant will only load once
4/14/2009 - Added Conference UI in call details area
4/7/2009 - Changed the way FTP loads the config file in ASTassistant
4/7/2009 - Fix out of bounds error when muting in conference
4/7/2009 - Added list of all users in all conferences in conference UI
4/6/2009 - Added meaningful TCP errors


Other Downloads

HYLAassistant Downloads

Here is a Hylafax windows client for your consideration.
(a free fax broadcasting solution)

HYLAassistant is a GUI frontend to send faxes using the HylaFAX server. This software was built to satisfy my need to do bulk faxing and resubmit failed faxes. You can fax to individuals or to groups. You can also build a SQL query to pull fax numbers from a database. You have the ability to fax one file or many and delay faxes till a given time and stop at a given time.

This is not a print driver. In order to submit faxes they must already be in PDF format.

You need to add a user via the faxadduser and make sure your firewall allows for passive ports:

1) In order to add a Hylafax user please run as root:
faxadduser -a adminpass -p userpass -u 100 username

2) HylaAssistant uses passive FTP to communicate with the HylaFAX server. A control channel is established on port 4559 and then a data channel is opened on a random passive FTP port.
Therefore, your firewall must understand passive FTP on port 4559.
If you are using iptables as your firewall, the following command will configure the firewall for passive FTP on the correct ports for standard FTP and HylaAssistant.

Please run as root:
modprobe ip_conntrack_ftp ports=21,4559

or in /etc/rc.local add the line
modprobe ip_conntrack_ftp ports=21,4559 (10/23/2009)
Tested with Hylafax 6.0.3

Please read the fourm for the latest news