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July-30-2009 - Version BETA Released. (windows version)
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Place ASTassistant.exe in a directory. ASTassistant uses a config file called ASTassistant.dat in the same directory as the executable. If you dont have one it will prompt you with a message to go into 'Tools -> Options' and apply your configuration. At that point at ASTassistant.dat will be created for you.

ASTassistant makes use of the Asterisk Call Manager to monitor incoming and outgoing calls. By default, external access to the call manager is blocked. You can add a new user in the following steps:

Log into the FreePBX administration module and click on Tools -> Asterisk API.
In the Deny field put:
In the Permit field put the IP address of the PC that will be running the ASTassistant software:
Make sure that the ALL is checked for Read
Make sure that SYSTEM, CALL, LOG, and COMMAND is checked for Write

NOTE: If you are using Asterisk 1.4 or higher and wish to administer conferences via ASTassistant then you will need to add the config option in the manager_additional.conf


ASTassistant is easy to use freeware for managing phone calls via the Open Source Asterisk PBX platform.

ASTassistant works with Asterisk and other products based on its architecture utilizing the SIP and IAX protocol. Compatible Asterisk distributions, which are configured via FreePBX, seem to run ASTassistant best. (i.e trixbox and PBX in a Flash)

Listed below are just some of the features that ASTassistant offers:

Works in Extension Mode or Device/User Mode
Manage Extensions:
• Who is an extension is talking to and for how long
• Enable / Disable extension DND's
• See if an extension is registered with the Asterisk server
• See when an extension is ringing
• Enable / Disable call forwarding
• Transfer Calls by dragging to extension or directly to Voice Mail
• See if others are on DND
• Choose not to show extension or groups of extensions
• Click to park/hang-up/record/Copy # to clipboard/get info on caller
• Log of your incoming/outgoing calls
• Click to call from contact list
• See other extensions call forwarding settings
• Show voicemail stats by extension
• Show Follow Me information by extension
• Remotely hangup and extension
Call Notifications:
• Popup for Incoming/Outgoing calls
• Launch browser on incoming calls with Caller ID and/or Extension
• Launch 3rd Party application on incoming/outgoing calls
Manage Conferences:
• See who is in a conference and that participants are muted
• Mute and Unmute self or participants (admin mode)
• Dial out to add participant (admin mode)
• Remove participants from conference (admin mode)
Manage Channels:
• Shows all active channels and their duration
• Hang-up/Chanspy/Record a channel
Manage Queues:
• Show all available Queues
• Show who is logged into a Queue
• Drag Extensions into Queue to become a Queue Member/Agent
• Remove Queue Members/Agents
* Show calls waiting in Queues and for how long
• Transfer a Call out of Queue to an extension
Display Day/Night Settings
Show Parked Calls
Chat with other extensions (irc server needed)
Import contact from FreePBX phone book and Outlook Contacts
Hide application in system tray
Pull config files from FTP for easy deployment